Travelling to New Zealand

When everything had worked out with my Visa and Passport I got on the train from Emmaboda to Arlanda. My mother had been quite nervous because she thought that I might miss my flight because the train could be late (as usual). So she had convinced me to take a two-hour earlier train, which was good because I actually had to wait two extra hours, in Linköping, because something on the train got broken!
While we left Sweden on the plane, all of us were very exited and I think that everybody was little worried about if everything would work out as planned and that our universities would meet our great expectations. It was no trouble during the flight and the staffs were serving drinks and food. Most of the time (when I wasn't eating or drinking) I watched a movie or were sleeping...


When we stepped out from the Singapore airport we were approached by a warm and humid air. The city was very green and had lots of parks and trees surrounding the streets. I was impressed by the clean and well-designed city and there were lots of places you could have a nice, low cost, meal!
It was no problem finding a taxi and the hotel room was easily booked from the airport.
On the fourht (the last) day we went to the Sentosa Island, in the south of the country. On the Island there was plenty of beaches and a rainforest. The forests was interesting, but the beaches looked very touristy and on the sea you could spot hundreds of oil and other transport ships (not that nice...)


At last! The famous Sydney with its opera house and bridge! In Sydney we spent one day and one night. The city was nice and there were lots of different people.
The opera house looked cool as expected and it felt nice to finally see it with my own eyes. The famous bridge was big and looked quite old. Sadly did it cost too much to walk on top of it, so we had to be satisfied by looking at it from below. Close to the high city buildings the big park was very nice situated. In the park you could walk and relax and still spot the big buildings beside you. That was quite cool.