Trouble before the trip

There has been much trouble with my trip. One month after I got accepted the trouble started. The first thing was my CSN application for my student loan. I forgot to mark a cross in the application form. After a while I noticed that I wouldn't receive the
proper amount of money so I had to fill in a correction form. That's when my first problem started. I wrote the name of the university, Otago University, on the correction form. But the thing is that CSN thought I applied for another school because the name I had been accepted for earlier was Otago Polytechnic. This resulted in many phone calls and at last I could convince them that it was just different names of the same school!

The second bad thing that happend was that I recieved my acceptance letter from my school very late. They didn't think I would be able to cope with some of the courses I had selected. This led to the delay, that caused the following problem:

The first thing I did when I recieved the acceptance letter was to apply for my Student visa. One bad thing is that you have to send your passport abroad to recieve a visa.
I sent my visa application the 4th of January and the Embassy recieved it the 8th. They have told me that they sent the passport back to me right away. But, as you can guess, I havn't revieved it yet (20 days later)!
When I understood that my passport was lost I had to apply for a new one. I got very nervous because it was just a week left to my flight day.

It has also been problems with my travel agency, Kilroy Travels. January the 10th I phoned them and said that they should send me the ticket. The girl told me that I shouldn't feel anxious and that I should look on the Internet so that the trip was ok. The 13th I told her that the trip was ok and that I wanted the ticket. No problem she said; she would send it right away. But when I called them one week after, they told me that the ticket hasn't been sent yet. Then I told them to hurry up and send me the ticket as soon as possible. -You will receive it tomorrow they answered. But I didn't receive it because they didn't send it and I had to phone them some more times and at last I received the ticket Jan the 23rd.

But that wasn't the one and only problem Kilroy. I've had more:
The last week they told me that I had to apply for visa due to my stay in Sidney (even though it was less than 24 hours). They told me that I should send them a copy of my passport so that they should be able to get me the visa in Austrailia.
But the problem was that I didn't have the passport yet! I had to wait till Thursday and send it to them by fax. But then they phoned me and said that their computersystem didn't accept my passport. I will try tomorrow again she said.
On Friday the 24th I became really nervous. And I phoned the Embassy, the university and every body I could think of. It sorted itself out at last, after we sent the Passport copy to the embassy in Berlin.

Now I have everything (except the NZ visa) and a hope that no more problems will appear! ;-) ;-)