Before the trip

I'm going to travel with four other students from my school. You can see Magnus and I to the left and the others are Maria, Christoffer and Vanja.
We have not known eachother that long. We just met one month after the acceptance letter from our school, but it feels great and we're sure to get along just fine.
We have bought our flight-tickets together and our travelling path will look like this:

    1. 18:00 (27/01) Arlanda (Stockholm, Sweden) - 19:40 (27/01) London
    2. 22:15 (27/01) London - 18:55 (28/01) Singapore (Malaysia)
    3. 19:50 (01/02) Singapore (Malaysia) - 07:55 (02/02) Sidney
    4. 07:15 (03/02) Sidney - 12:20 (03/02) Auckland (New Zealand)
As you can read from above we will stay 4 days in Singapore. The next stop after that will be Sidney where we will stay 1 day.
When we get to Auckland (New Zealand) we will try to buy a car as fast as possible. We are then going to travel to Cape Reinga, in the very north of NZ. After that we havn't planned more than our final destinations. Vanja will be dropped of in Wellington. Maria and Christoffer will be dropped of in Christchurch, the 15:th of February.
This will give us a total of about 11 days to see some parts of the beautiful North Island.
From Christchurch I and Magnus will travel to our final destination, Dunedin!